Month: December 2012

Keywords Keyword Keywords

Keywords are an essential tool in  showing  your ads to your customers. Search engines use keywords when they include your website in their search results. Keyword quality and relevance will ensure you reach the customers you want. The keywords for your Custom

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The Middle Tier

Between the Merchant Advertiser and the Publisher sit the Affiliate Ad Networks. They provide an invaluable services to both the merchant and the publisher. We will be looking at these in more detail.

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Page Titles & Description Tag

For each page ensure you  have unique page titles and meaningful meta tag description’s. An example from the Trapau site below show the coding title and meta description tag and below that is the result returned from a search engine. This gives  the user and

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The Players

There are a number of big companies in this category : Google Doubleclick Search Adobe AdLens IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite Kenshoo Enterprise Marin Editions. All of these systems enable you to manage large biddable media programs across the various target

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