Month: January 2013

New Top Level Domain Names

Over 1,000 TLDs that span 17 categories will arrive in 2013. This new infographic goes through the most popular of those categories and the top TLDs in each. What will this mean to the industry?. We’ll explore this and more

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Chosing Keywords

Google recommend the following with regards to using and choosing keywords   Use keywords which match your sites content. Use Adwords to scan you site and suggest keywords Manage your ads, create several groups with keywords which are similar. Use Google

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The Beginnings…

At the start,  the  affiliate programs were between the advertiser and the publisher with a simple arrangement. But as things progressed they became unmanageable for both parties. Things like tracking, management of large numbers of affiliates  in diverse locations and management and reliability of

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Manual Bid Management and Bid Optimisation

Manual Bid Management and Bid Optimization are a very crucial part of Paid Search management and the growing ad auction market. With Bid Management we are concerned with individual keywords and lets say the goal is keeping the same position,  bids are set on keywords

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