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Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA)

Whats OBA?. Online Behavioural Advertising. The IAB defines Online Behavioural Advertising as the collection of data from a particular computer or device regarding web viewing behaviours over time and across multiple web domains not under Common Control for the purpose

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Getting The Products

The easiest way to get specific product feeds from multiple suppliers is through an affiliate ad networks such as Webgains or CJ . The Networks significantly reduce the amount of labour needed to get product feeds from various merchants. These

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Agrigators and Agrigators of Agrigators

What are Aggregators. Affiliate Ad Networks are Aggregators of merchants products. Some of the main aggregators and smaller aggregator  ad networks are listed below, which is the best way to describe its function. Commission Junction (CJ) ShareASale LinkShare Clickbank Google

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How does it work?

Typically in affiliate marketing  the Publisher get supplied with banners, graphics, flash or data-feeds of products which are put on the Ad Networks Website by the Advertiser and downloaded by the Publisher. There is a tracking URL to id the publishers site where the potential customer came

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The Beginnings…

At the start,  the  affiliate programs were between the advertiser and the publisher with a simple arrangement. But as things progressed they became unmanageable for both parties. Things like tracking, management of large numbers of affiliates  in diverse locations and management and reliability of

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The Middle Tier

Between the Merchant Advertiser and the Publisher sit the Affiliate Ad Networks. They provide an invaluable services to both the merchant and the publisher. We will be looking at these in more detail.

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