Chosing Keywords

Google recommend the following with regards to using and choosing keywords


  • Use keywords which match your sites content. Use Adwords to scan you site and suggest keywords
  • Manage your ads, create several groups with keywords which are similar. Use Google keyword tool to get new keywords.
  • Find synonyms – or not. The Use synonyms box in the Descriptive words or phrases option is always checked by default. (This means it might suggest ‘bed and breakfast’ as a synonym for the keyword ‘hotel.’) If you uncheck the box, the tool will suggest only keywords that contain at least one of the terms that you entered.
  • Start broad and then get specific. Try broad terms like ‘flowers’ in the Keyword Tool first. Then try specific terms like ‘red roses’ or ‘miniature cactus.’
  • Identify negative keywords. The Keyword Tool can show you off-topic keywords that users may be thinking about. Suppose you sell cut flowers and you give the Keyword Tool the keyword ‘flowers.’ It may suggest the related term ‘gardens,’ and you may want to add that term to your ad group as a negative keyword. That will keep your ad from showing on searches for ‘flower gardens’ or similar terms. This helps make sure only interested customers see your ads.
  • Specify a language and location. If you’re using the Keyword Tool while signed in to your account, you may see an option to tailor results to a particular location and language. If you happen to be targeting English speakers who live in Holland, make sure you set the Keyword Tool to that language and location.
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