Cross Device Advertising

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Cross device advertising ( i.e reaching the same user across multiple digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, desktop)   worldwide is growing and has become a major strategy in any campaign. The figures for just the US speak volumes about the importance of having a cross device advertising plan providing of course that its relevant to your business.

Though a customer remains the same customer while they watch  TV, search for a product on Google, and check their Facebook feed, they are in very different mindset – and receptivity to advertising – in each of these contexts. Given this fact, and that a conversation requires a two-way street, how can marketers expect to have a single, seamless conversation with consumers across all devices? The first step in any cross-device campaign is creating a solid strategy. Make sure you have thought out your goals and objectives and have an idea of how you will reach these goals. Select the right technology partner to realize this strategy.

When building a cross-device campaign,  Is this a desktop-to-mobile campaign that will use the targeted audience’s desktop browsing to fuel mobile display ads? Or is your goal to reach users in an app based on actions from mobile web? Most cross-device technology providers offer specific user segments, such as women in their 30’s with a smartphone etc. Do your upfront home work first before looking at technology providers.

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