Geolocation Targeting

Geolocation targeting is as it sounds, finding the location of the visitor and targeting content to that visitor depending on that location or their interest in a location Who is it useful for?. Small businesses that want to drive traffic to their physical shops or offices by targeting customers searching online for local providers of goods and services. Service-oriented businesses, such as plumbers or estate agents. Large businesses that want to drive customers to their web sites and/or physical shop locations. To achieve you target market you will need to take your core keywords and combine them with your state, your county, your city, your neighbourhood  this is key if you are location based. There are plenty of tools available from Google Ad Words, Bing etc. to help  your achieve your geotargeting aims and a number of techniques which can be applied using SEO on your site to reach the right target, these will be discussed in another muse.

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