Hosting and Domain Names

Getting the right Web Hosting package is essential for a successful & stress free online business. Whether you are selling or publishing “the hosting package” selection process needs to be thorough. Now a days the choice is enormous, however care must be taken. A wrong decision can mean a lot of hassle as moving hosts is actually a pain in the butt, even though web hosts make it as transparent as possible. It will still mean grief with the web site and down time. Do your homework……
If you decide to stick with the established Hosts like Go Daddy or Wiredtree then you cant go wrong, but don’t neglect the smaller hosting companies who can supply a more personal service. Select a usable Domain name which unless its a brand or you have some other reason should give a hint of what the site is about. Shortly new TLD (top level domains) will be on offer which will radically shake up the market, more on that later.



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