Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA)

Whats OBA?. Online Behavioural Advertising.
The IAB defines Online Behavioural Advertising as the collection of data from a particular computer or device regarding web viewing behaviours over time and across multiple web domains not under Common Control for the purpose of using such data to predict web user preferences or interests to deliver online advertising to that particular computer or device based on the preferences or interests inferred from such web viewing behaviours. Online Behavioural Advertising does not include the activities of Web Site Operators, Ad Delivery or Ad Reporting, or contextual advertising (e.g. advertising based on the content of the web page being visited, a consumer’s current visit to a web page, or a search query).

There are two major bodies in the western world which have the standards and best practice published for online behavioural advertising (OBA), the EDAA the European Digital Advertising Alliance  who produce the The EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising, you can download the document here:EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising  and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) who produce Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising, you can download the document here : seven-principles-07-01-09, comprised of the largest media and marketing trade associations in the U.S.

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