Social Media Ad Metrics?

Metrics in Social Media Ad campaigns is an area which is generating a lot of discussion. How to measure just how effective or not your social media campaign is. The metrics which are most often employed are numbers of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Retweets, Pins along with traditional metrics like pageviews, unique visitors, impressions, clicks etc. However, I think the bottom line here is did you get any sales/subscriptions and how many and is it worth the advertising cost , these are the results that any metric employed must ultimately give you. The other important metric is to determine Brand Lift. What is that I hear you say? Its the often quoted as the percentage increase in the primary marketing objective of a brand advertising campaign (what!). It is gauged by understanding such things as the consumers purchasing intent, their brand awareness, brand favourably, attitude and preferences. Usually done in the offline world by marketing surveys and the likes. Google has just added a new survey tool to Adwords called Band Lift Survey Tool which will help advertisers measure the brand impact of their display campaigns via surveys. Brand Lift surveys are powered by Google Consumer Surveys, which launched in April 2012 and run across many of Google partner sites, such as NY Daily News, SJ Mercury News, Bloomberg, YouTube and other publishers. Google Analytics have some excellent tools for measuring the success of your campaigns In Google Analytics Social reports help you measure the impact social media has on your business goals and conversions. bid Management software mentioned also contain tools for measuring social. We will discuss these in a  later post.



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