The March Of Social Advertising

Social Media attracted a massive 121 billion online minutes each month in the US, with comsumers spending 20% of their online time and 30% of their smartphone online time on social media, what? get a life, really!. The source was from an online survey commissioned by Vizu, a Nielsen company, of more than 500 digital marketing and media professionals on current attitudes and practices regarding paid social media advertising. Social advertising has shown significant growth in the past few years, this survey found that 75% say they currently invest in paid social media advertising, which includes tactics such as sponsored content, brand graphs and driving likes and 64% plan to spend more on social advertising.

Social media usage (like Facebook) presents an unique and challenging opportunity for advertisers. Social advertising is defined by the IAB as an online ad that incorporates user interactions that the consumer has agreed to display and be shared. The resulting ad displays these interactions along with the user’s persona (picture and/or name) within the ad content. Quite a mouthful, but you get the idea as social media has overtaken email as the most popular consumer activity. Consumer growth is being driven by an older demographic than the historical base of social media. Social media has no issues with returning customers as its an interaction that people who use social networks do regularly and stay for extended periods of time interacting with their friends/groups or whatever. Social network friends sharing their links have a bearing on the consumer reading and being involved in the content

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