The Web Hosting Choices

When you decide to start a web site for whatever reason you will notice the choice of options in “platforms”  on offer from the hosting companies. You can go for shared hosting, vps hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, managed and unmanaged service. Depending on  what your needs are you will have to  decide on which hosting to go for initially, making sure there is a option to upgrade seamlessly to the next platform level without any significant effort or downtime for you. Location used to be a criteria, like having the servers in a data centre near to you. But now with the super fast links and CDN’s (Content Delivery Network) everywhere that serve  the  large files (graphics, multimedia) cashed from a local machine close to your location there is no need. Support is very important and fast response to issues is essential, there is nothing more frustration than having you site down and not knowing why or when it ill be back up. From a technical perspective there are a range of criteria that may influence your choice, we’ll discuss them in another post. Don’t  just go on price, this is one area where technology and experience are important. More on host selection as we continue to discuss the issue in further posts.



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