Utilise the Mobile Device Capabilities

Utilising the mobile devices capability and using it to its fullest market potential is a critical sucess factor in mobile advertising. Mobile display ads (mobile banner ads) are a very effective tool that can be used to help drive customers to your business

There are a variety of advertising techniques that can be applied to the mobile banner ad such as:

  • Click-to-Call: According to recent research, click-to-call ads drive a 6% to 8% average increase in click-through rates. This technique simply displays a phone number on the banner that users can click to be connected directly to a call center or sales center.
  • Interstitials: These are interactive banner ads that appear within an app. Once the user opens the app, an interstitial is displayed. Users can click through on the ad to visit a landing page or they can close the ad to continue using the app.
  • Click-to-Map: Geo-targeting can be used to send marketing messages to users in a specific location. Once the prospect clicks on an ad, he or she can
    be driven through to a map that identifies a store nearest his or her current location. When the prospect clicks on the map, the contact information is displayed on the smartphone.
  • Canvas and Expandable Ads: When a user clicks on an expandable ad, the ad grows to cover the entire phone screen. Ads can be animated or can incorporate rich media to enhance the user experience.
  • Click-to-Email: When a user clicks on a display ad, an email is displayed that the user can send to friends. The email includes a discount code that can be redeemed at the retail location. By including this “viral” email component in the campaign, marketers can increase the reach and frequency of the display ad program.
  • Click-to-Video: Rich media is an effective sales tool, whether it’s viewed on a tablet or a smartphone. Display ads that link to video marketing messages increase
    engagement and deepen the relationship with the prospective customer.,
  • Click-to-Download App: Companies interested in driving adoption of a branded app can use display ads to link directly to the app located in an app store. Users are driven to app landing pages where they can download the app instantly.
  • Click-to-Social: If you’re interested in integrating a social component to your mobile campaign, you can incorporate a click-to-social aspect to it. Visitors can let friends and others know about their affinity to your brand by connecting them to your social networks via a mobile display ad.
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