The use of AI and IoT in Environmental Technology

So where should AI and IoT be utilised?. According to an article in Forbes on leveraging AI and IoT for environmental sustainability  http:// Leveraging AI and IoT for environmental sustainability  some of the areas for utilising AI and IoT mentioned in the article are in:

(a) reducing e-waste. As millions of electronic devices are just chucked out each year companies are starting to use recycled materials or materials which have a low harmful impact on the environment. Technology can also be used to monitor the life cycle of the product and create efficient systems for the reuse and disposal of the devices.

(b) agricultural sustainability is an area where one of the problems today is soil pollution from intensive farming, population growth etc. The technology can be used for example to monitor crops and soil and maximize crop production with a low impact on the environment. The smart monitoring of crops where parameters such as hydration, plant nutrition, and diseases can be monitored in real-time. data can then be utilized to determine irrigation patterns and recommend the best watering cycles.

(c) species protection. There are huge biodiversity of the planet issues caused by species extinction. IoT and AI can be used to study animal behavioral patterns, such as migration, mating, and feeding habits can be monitored by IoT and  AI technologies. Technology like computer vision  can be used to non-invasively enable the monitoring of these species . ارقام حظ برج العذراء

(d) clean air  to breath is unfortunately not available for up to 97% of people in the cities of low- and middle- income countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants. This does not meet WHO air quality guidelines. IoT and AI can provide tools to monitor air pollution in real-time. The tools can identify sources of air pollution quickly and accurately. IoT and AI can also be used  to monitor air purity levels and alert employees if air quality falls below a certain level. Using AI machine vision it can adjust  the flow of traffic at busy intersections, minimizing the driving time.

(e) renewable energy technology  like solar panels and wind turbines can be made more efficient and cost-effective using IoT and AI. Smart grid technologies will change the way electricity is produced and distributed to homes, offices, and everywhere else. It will also improve the methods in delivering energy by reducing the amount of energy wasted when it’s in transmission lines.

(f) water preservation is now critical as  our oceans are being polluted from illegal fishing, discharging industrial effluents into water bodies, and illegal solid waste disposal by the local people. We all know about the problem of plastic in our oceans. IoT and AI  can be used in monitoring pollution levels in real-time to determine if any illegal activities are hampering the water quality. لعبة الطاولة 31 Generally they can be used to safeguard our oceans from catastrophes.